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have before me, and the great bitterness into which

"Most certainly," he answered with a smile. "Let me sit beside you as if
I were a friend, instead of a foolish intruder; try to forget how awkwardly
we are placed to one another; make my last moments go pleasantly;
and you will do me the chief service possible."
"You are very gallant," she added, with a yet deeper sadness … "very
gallant… and it somehow pains me. But draw nearer, if you please; and
if you find anything to say to me, you will at least make certain of a very
friendly listener. Ah! Monsieur de Beaulieu," she broke forth - "ah! Monsieur
de Beaulieu, how can I look you in the face?" And she fell to weeping
again with a renewed effusion.
"Madam," said Denis, taking her hand in both of his, "reflect on the
little time I have before me, and the great bitterness into which I am cast 5815 Classic Tall Boots


by the sight of your distress. Spare me, in my last moments, the spectacle
of what I cannot cure even with the sacrifice of my life."
"I am very selfish," answered Blanche. "I will be braver, Monsieur de 5819 Classic Cardy Boots


Beaulieu, for your sake. But think if I can do you no kindness in the future
- if you have no friends to whom I could carry your adieux. Charge
me as heavily as you can; every burden will lighten, by so little, the invaluable
gratitude I owe you. Put it in my power to do something more
for you than weep."
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