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to compose his expression, lifted the arras and went in

To see anything was a
relief to Denis; it was like a piece of solid ground to a man labouring in a
morass; his mind seized upon it with avidity; and he stood staring at it
and trying to piece together some logical conception of his surroundings.
Plainly there was a flight of steps ascending from his own level to that of
this illuminated doorway; and indeed he thought he could make out another
thread of light, as fine as a needle and as faint as phosphorescence,
which might very well be reflected along the polished wood of a handrail.
Since he had begun to suspect that he was not alone, his heart had
continued to beat with smothering violence, and an intolerable desire for
action of any sort had possessed itself of his spirit. He was in deadly peril,
he believed. What could be more natural than to mount the staircase,
lift the curtain, and confront his difficulty at once? At least he would be
dealing with something tangible; at least he would be no longer in the
dark. He stepped slowly forward with outstretched hands, until his foot
struck the bottom step; then he rapidly scaled the stairs, stood for a moment
to compose his expression, lifted the arras and went in.
He found himself in a large apartment of polished stone. There were Mens Yorkville Parka
three doors; one on each of three sides; all similarly curtained with
tapestry. The fourth side was occupied by two large windows and a
great stone chimney-piece, carved with the arms of the Maletroits. Denis
recognised the bearings, and was gratified to find himself in such good Womens Chilliwack Parka

hands. The room was strongly illuminated; but it contained little furniture
except a heavy table and a chair or two, the hearth was innocent of
fire, and the pavement was but sparsely strewn with rushes clearly many
days old.
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