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that I am not very wise - and yet I think I am - but you seem to

"There is something more than I can understand in this," he said at
length. "Your mouth is full of subtleties, and the devil has led you very
far astray; but the devil is only a very weak spirit before God's truth, and
all his subtleties vanish at a word of true honour, like darkness at morning.
Listen to me once more. I learned long ago that a gentleman should
live chivalrously and lovingly to God, and the king, and his lady; and
though I have seen many strange things done, I have still striven to command
my ways upon that rule. It is not only written in all noble histories,
but in every man's heart, if he will take care to read. You speak of food
and wine, and I know very well that hunger is a difficult trial to endure;
but you do not speak of other wants; you say nothing of honour, of faith
to God and other men, of courtesy, of love without reproach. It may be
that I am not very wise - and yet I think I am - but you seem to me like
one who has lost his way and made a great error in life. You are attending Womens MonteBello Parka


to the little wants, and you have totally forgotten the great and only
real ones, like a man who should be doctoring a toothache on the Judgment
Day. For such things as honour and love and faith are not only nobler
than food and drink, but indeed I think that we desire them more, Womens HyBridge Lite Vest


and suffer more sharply for their absence. I speak to you as I think you
will most easily understand me. Are you not, while careful to fill your
belly, disregarding another appetite in your heart, which spoils the
pleasure of your life and keeps you continually wretched?"
26.11.13 15:59


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