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perhaps nobler than it had a right to do; but it was a fine face

He went boldly to the door and knocked with an assured hand. On
both previous occasions, he had knocked timidly and with some dread
of attracting notice; but now when he had just discarded the thought of a
burglarious entry, knocking at a door seemed a mighty simple and innocent
proceeding. The sound of his blows echoed through the house with
thin, phantasmal reverberations, as though it were quite empty; but
these had scarcely died away before a measured tread drew near, a
couple of bolts were withdrawn, and one wing was opened broadly, as
though no guile or fear of guile were known to those within. A tall figure
of a man, muscular and spare, but a little bent, confronted Villon. The
head was massive in bulk, but finely sculptured; the nose blunt at the
bottom, but refining upward to where it joined a pair of strong and honest
eyebrows; the mouth and eyes surrounded with delicate markings,
and the whole face based upon a thick white beard, boldly and squarely
trimmed. Seen as it was by the light of a flickering hand-lamp, it looked
perhaps nobler than it had a right to do; but it was a fine face, honourable
rather than intelligent, strong, simple, and righteous.
"You knock late, sir," said the old man in resonant, courteous tones. Womens MonteBello Parka


Villon cringed, and brought up many servile words of apology; at a
crisis of this sort, the beggar was uppermost in him, and the man of genius
hid his head with confusion.
"You are cold," repeated the old man, "and hungry? Well, step in." And Womens HyBridge Lite Vest


he ordered him into the house with a noble enough gesture.
"Some great seigneur," thought Villon, as his host, setting down the
lamp on the flagged pavement of the entry, shot the bolts once more into
their places.
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